Chrome Coastal at Seacliff House

Amber Gibbons

A chrome inspired collaborative shoot at seacliff House:

Reflecting nature's elegance in Floral design.

Nestled along the breathtaking South Coast of New South Wales, Seacliff House provided the perfect backdrop for an October collaborative shoot, where natures splendor and cutting edge design came together in a symphony of white and chrome.

As professional wedding florists we thrive on pushing creative boundaries and this project dreamed up in collaboration with one of our absolute favourite stylists was a thrilling exploration pf how modern aesthetics can harmonize with natural beauty.

The vision: Chrome as muse

Inspired by the reflective, sleek quality of chrome, we set out to create floral designs that captured the essence of this versatile material. Chrome's mirror-like surface and cool undertones served as a striking counterpoint to the organic forms and delicate textures of our blooms. The interplay between these elements allowed us to craft arrangements that were both contemporary and timeless.

Design Elements: Water and Sea Foam

The serene environment of Seacliff House, with its sweeping ocean views and tranquil ambiance, inspired us to incorporate elements that mirrored the crystalline hues of water and the frothy whites of sea foam. These natural features became the canvas upon which our floral artistry was painted.

Floral Selections: A Symphony in White

To bring our vision to life, we carefully curated a selection of white blooms that would reflect the purity and simplicity of sea foam. Canterbury Bells, Misty, Delphinium  en masse were chosen for their graceful forms and soft textures. The monochromatic palette allowed us to focus on the subtle variations in tone and form, creating arrangements that were rich in detail yet serene in their overall effect.

Chrome Accents: A Modern Twist

Incorporating chrome into our designs added a layer of modern sophistication. We used chrome vases, anthurium and orchids sprayed with chrome and reflective surfaces to enhance the arrangements. The chrome accents caught the light beautifully, adding a dynamic element that changed with the shifting daylight. This interplay of light and reflection evoked the shimmering quality of water, linking our designs to the natural surroundings of Seacliff House.

The Result: Harmonious Elegance

The collaborative shoot was a testament to the power of inspiration and the beauty that emerges when creative minds come together. The combination of white blooms and chrome accents created a stunning contrast that was both harmonious and visually arresting. Each arrangement captured the essence of the coast, blending seamlessly with the environment while adding a touch of modern elegance.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Creativity

This project was more than just floral arrangements; it was a celebration of creativity and the endless possibilities that arise when nature and design intersect. At Seacliff House, with the ocean as our muse, we were able to push the boundaries of traditional wedding floristry and create something truly unique. We hope that this chrome-inspired shoot serves as inspiration for future couples looking to infuse their special day with a blend of modern elegance and natural beauty. As professional wedding florists on the South Coast of NSW, we are excited to continue exploring new concepts and bringing innovative designs to life.

For those planning a wedding or special event, we invite you to join us on this journey of creativity and discovery. Let’s create something beautiful together, inspired by the timeless elegance of nature and the sleek allure of modern design.

The Team

Stylist/coordination and planning:

Photography: Dear Fiore

Gowns: Alcaline Bride

Hire: South Coast Party Hire

Hair and Makeup: Bridal Glow Co

Cake: Cakes By Adrianna

Stationery: Maddison jayne Design

Cocktails/Bar: Henry Clive

Accessories: Dove Grey Bridal

Venue: Seacliff House

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