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“I would describe the theme and the style of our wedding day as a minimalist, green and white mid summer night wedding with elegance,”


Adding a curated selection of styling items, like antique silverware and crystal glassware, created a relaxed elegance, while uniquely shaped flower arrangements by Mrs Gibbons Flowers seamlessly tied together the aesthetic of each part of the wedding day.


The reception venue could not have been more perfectly styled from its draped bows of fabric to the handmade candle holders. Each element was so carefully designed and I knew 'Florists choice' would allow Amber and the team to shine their brightest.


With a masterful touch for placement and balance, Amber artfully created a series of sculptures that fused so poetically with the space and The Lane aesthetic they took our breath away. Ephemerally fragile florals and flowing vines were styled with dried varieties and silken fabrics into dramatic sculptures.

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